As globalization heralds a new wave in education, excellent opportunities are now available to aspirants at the international level. Today, learning abroad is very much a possibility that comes with a gamut of exciting benefits.

Given this scenario, the number of students who wish to have access to better educational facilities is growing by the day. However, is it just about learning and skills enhancement? Certainly not! Though gaining knowledge is the core focus of any educational programme, it has to be buttressed by a solid framework of value, character and integrity. Only then will it empower the candidate's personality to the level where s/he can be a competent professional, a responsible citizen and a resourceful individual in general.

At the Global Education Institute (GEI), our goal is to bring quality education to aspiring candidates by adopting a holistic approach to learning. We believe in education that helps one to develop as a complete human with marketable skill. We are singularly committed to making available quality education that is based on a solid foundation of value, ethics and virtues that eventually help promote global understanding, peaceful coexistence and service to humanity.

Mission Statement

To create an osmotic framework for promoting international education that fosters cross-cultural awareness, cooperation and understanding, thereby enabling individuals to be competent to work, live and succeed in a global environment.

GEI is a group of motivated, similarly inclined and experienced individuals who are driven by the passion to offer value-based quality education in the global perspective. 

Education is the key to unlocking the doors of opportunity